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The commitment to continuous innovation and the commitment to the most advanced technology for addressing and meeting the challenges that our clients bring us with is the motivation necessary which makes us at Promei wish to improve ourselves day in day out.

Our investment in state-of-the-art software for the processing, modelling and machining of engineering and 3D design etc.

Having the service of large scale presses, from 1,400tm to 5,000tm, which enables us to address the entire range of …

High precision with centres capable of working with workpiece sizes from a few millimetres to

Having the required infrastructure and experienced personnel to carry out all types of welding …

Having a colour chart with over 400 colours available and the option of creating any lacquer required, anodised, any type of …

Connecting and assembling the various components required by the product, labelling and packing individually etc.

Completing the entire value chain with specific welding services and …

Providing comprehensive solutions and in a single location allowing for savings in labour, logistics and shipping.

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If the product that you wish to make come true is made of aluminium, we are your partner. Contact us.

Any idea which can be generated with aluminium, we can make it.

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M2 dedicated to machining technology
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Certificado Aenor Gestión de la Calidad ISO 9001 Promei
Certificado Aenor Gestión Ambiental Iso 14001 Promei

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